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Under EU Directive 2003/30 / EC (Biofuels Directive) respectively the new 2009/28 EC (RED) Directive, Member States of the European Union must ensure that by 2020 approximately 10% of the transport sector's energy comes from renewable sources.


Our mission is to protect nature using renewable resources that are not harmful to the environment.
These days, many used cooking oils from restaurants were re-used by street sellers to fry their food. Those waste oils commonly just throw away. Whereas waste oils which have not any treatment first, will pollute the environment. One of the ways to treat the waste oil is by converting to biodiesel.

Sell in large quantities (bulk)?

If you want to sell UCO in large quantities, then we are ready to provide you with the best assistance. Oilchem e.U. can handle your business needs and help you meet your requirements. We will provide you with a complete solution according to your requirements. All you have to do is contact us and we will look for the best possibilities.

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The economic importance of using renewable energy consists in increasing the national self-sufficiency with energy and restructuring the economy towards a sustainable development of the economic and energy system.

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OilChem e.U.

“Nature doesn’t ask us to be brilliant, it’s enough if we are rational.”

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We like to think about us that we are among the many other companies who want to make a difference in the way people think about recycling and the future of our planet. Our company  want to offer proper market value to the suppliers who sale their collected  used cooking oil to us.We treat our business partners with nothing but the utmost respect.

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Used Cooking Oil

OilChem e.U. provides an important raw material, used cooking oil, which is needed to produce sustainable biofuels in a purified form.The entire supply chain is qualitatively monitored and certified. The customer benefit consists in the sustainable production of fuels from processed raw materials, which ensures the global supply of energy for the future and contributes to the objectives of the”Renewable Energy EU_RL 2009/28 / EG”Production chain via OilChem e.U. is achieved through cooperation with companies that collect and process waste oil. We provides the means to protect and maintain quality and manage the logistics and sales.

OilChem e.U. is certified under ISCC and holds also the R 13 certificate- Storage and collection of waste on the territory of Austria.

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